Thursday, January 24, 2019


What better time than the start of a new year to discuss increasing your energy level
naturally. Of course there are the obvious and very important factors to maintain and increase your energy. A restful night's sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours, eating a balanced healthy diet, exercising, good lifestyle choices and taking at least basic supplements are truly important. Our body cannot be expected to perform optimally if we neglect or abuse the basics.
But there are a couple supplements I have been taking that have made a big difference with my energy level. 
The first one is Co Q10. It is a powerful nutrient that fuels energy to every cell in your body and that includes your heart so it makes a tremendous difference in cardiac health. Our body's ability to produce this substance decrease around the age of 30 and our usual food sources don't provide nearly enough. So like omega oils, taking Co Q10 in supplement form is essential and if you happen to be on a statin drug, it is a must. For over 15 years now, it has been part of my vitamin regime. There are many quality brands to choose from and luckily, not too pricey. The one I have been using is
Doctor's Best High Absorption CoQ10 with BioPerine, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Naturally Fermented, Vegan, Soy Free, Heart Health and Energy Production, 200 mg, 180 Veggie Caps It has proven effective for my overall well being and is reassuring for the heart benefits it provides. My dose is one 200mg cap with breakfast and one with lunch. Taking it at night could make it more difficult to sleep.
Entering my 70's I started feeling as though something more was needed to keep my energy level up and was lucky enough to hear about a product on Dr. Ronald Hoffman's radio show. He had actually been talking about it for years as a supplement for healthy aging, increasing energy and one he takes himself daily. Though it is a little costly, I felt the need to try, and started taking it April 2018. Within less than 2 weeks I felt a remarkable increase in my energy and that is with taking just one a day in the morning. 
Nutritional Therapeutics D3/K2 with NT Factor, Vanilla, 30 Wafers" This product is and will remain part of my daily vitamin/supplement intake and hopefully help me maintain a level of energy I need to be as active as I desire. I do of course often wonder just how active I should expect to be at each new birthday. Not having come across any chart with this information and my GP can't give me an answer either, I must rely on myself to determine what that level of energy might be. Each of us is unique and must learn what our body needs and/or might be lacking. Considering I will be celebrating my 72nd birthday next week, I'm quite pleased with how I feel during the course of a day, what I accomplish and the key nutrients that make it possible.

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Monday, October 8, 2018


Two days after my yearly physical last year, I developed a stye on my left eyelid. During all my years of dealing with allergy/irritated eyes, I never had a stye before and they are a bacterial infection. Maybe from the doctor's office?
The lid was swollen, red, quite sore and within a few days all around my eye was puffy. A little research on line led me to treating it as a stye. Using moist, hot compresses often during the day made the stye slowly get smaller and the swelling/redness go away. It took about two weeks for it to completely disappear. This was something I wished to not experience again and time for preventive measures using a salt water eye wash.
In this time of so many medical advancements and treatments, it is easy to forget some of the oldest remedies are very effective. Salt has natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. This is especially true of Himalayan Pink Salt,  Badia Salt Pink Himalayan Ground is the one I use. A site which explains the many benefits of using it for an eye wash has the simple recipe and I decided this might help keep my eyes free of any future infections.  Read the post, as it is beneficial to correctly do the procedure when using the eye cup. You are not only washing your eyelids, but your eyeballs and exercising them at the same time.
To make the solution you need:
1/2 Cup natural spring water. You can also use distilled water, warm or cold.
1/4 Teaspoon Himalayan salt
Glass container (I use an empty glass vitamin bottle)
A small eye cup Gms Optical Glass Eye Wash Cup"   

The mixture stays in the bathroom and is part of my daily morning routine. It can be done numerous times throughout the day if necessary. A month ago I put some of the solution in a small glass dropper bottle for a quick fix or to take with me where ever I go. 
Now the results after using the wash for one year are absolutely wonderful! I have had no further episodes of styes and the overall health of my eyes is greatly improved. Within a few months there was no longer the need for any of the eye drops (Simalison, Optique, etc.) which before I couldn't do without. The salt water eye wash took care of irritation from eye strain and allergies and also reduced my dry eye problem. But the most amazing thing for me was my eye exam. It was the best one I've had in 4 years! 
Three years ago I was dealing with the pressure in my eyes getting higher (19/21, 20/22), having 2 field of vision tests (which were OK) and one doctor wanting to put me on drops for glaucoma. I opted to not do the drops and luckily my pressure didn't keep going up but it was a concern. My exam this past July was 17/18, my vision 20/30 (a slight improvement over last time), everything else was good and I don't need to go back for 2 years. What a great surprise! Along with taking supplements for my eye health, the only new thing I had added was the salt water eye wash. For once, something that seems too good to be true, seems to be true! I highly recommend this simple and wonderful treatment for overall eye health.

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Monday, September 24, 2018


In my previous post I discussed dealing with chronic groin/thigh pain for the last 2 1/2 years. It was only over this summer that I finally received a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and a torn labrum of my left hip. Then it was time to try a natural course of treatment for what was going on and not just manage pain. But this post is to share in more detail how managing pain was a priority in my life and what a major part a Quell Unit played.
For many years now, I have avoided NSAIDS at all cost for treating pain. If is the initial onset of an injury, I might consider a course of them for 1 - 2 weeks and no longer. I have seen first hand with family members what they can do to the GI tract. The damage doesn't stop there either as the liver and cardiovascular system can also be at risk. My natural remedies for pain include: Arnica (tabs and gel), MSM, White Willow Bark, ice packs, a TENS Unit and finally, a Quell Unit. It was April of this year that I saw an advertisement for Quell and was desperate for something to offer more pain relief than I was getting and improve my quality of life. Daily pain became a constant reminder of the many things I was no longer able to do. While the TENS Unit was very helpful, it had limitations. So after reading about how Quell works, I decided to give it a try.
Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology Starter Kit Worn in a strap that wraps around the upper calf (either one), Quell sends electrical pulses through the skin to the sensory nerves. They in turn signal the brain to trigger the body's natural pain relief response, blocking pain signals throughout the body. This is so different from a TENS Unit (which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) as the electrodes need to be placed on the specific painful area of the body sending electronic stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin, along the nerve strands to relieve pain.
The Quell Unit is less conspicuous, looks like a sports wrap and there are no leads or wires to contend with. Batteries are not used, it comes with a plug in charger and takes only a few hours to recharge. The electrode pads do need to be replaced but I make them last quite long. When worn, the stimulation will turn on for an hour and then go off for an hour all day or for as long as you have it on, also through the night. You adjust the stimulation to your comfort and forget about it. You might not notice big relief right away, but give it time.
So, did the Quell Unit help me? Yes! I found remarkable pain relief and my activity level increased. I wore it around the house, on walks, driving and shopping and was very happy with my investment for pain relief. Read the reviews out there as I did. It would make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you care about. But please note that the signals from these devices can interfere with the normal operation of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). It is best to consult with your physician if you have any kind of implants.
Happily, my groin/thigh pain has decreased dramatically and I am not using my Quell Unit much at all. But it will always be close at hand for any setbacks or new problems. This is exactly the direction pain management should take, bypassing harmful drugs and their side effects with the use of new, safe technology. 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


I haven't posted since July, 2016 and now feel ready to do so with this longer than usual blog. It is important I chronical the onset of my pain and the last few years that have for me, been the longest and most challenging time dealing with a chronic condition. Finally I am seeing a tremendous improvement in pain relief, an increase in my activity level and want to share with you what has truly helped me.

The passing of birthdays and dealing with enough injuries or conditions has taught me much. First, the body can get better given enough time, with some help from holistic and alternative methods. Second, we do not have to become a part of the "cookie cutter" traditional medical system. Third, we are all unique in our physical makeup and need to become detectives in uncovering what our bodies need to stay healthy and get us through the rough patches.

April 22, 2016, on my way home from a short walk I felt a sharp pull, then stabbing pain in my left groin, didn't know if I could make it the rest of the way and had no idea what happened or how to treat it. Initially, I did nothing and tried to carry on with the rest of my day. Unfortunately I had an outdoor event the next day and needed to prepare for it. That night, I took Arnica tabs and rubbed some gel on my skin, but it was a painful, rough time sleeping. Over the next few days, the pain was stabbing or aching and went down into my thigh. Looking on line, it seemed to be a grade 3 groin strain. Rest, ice, elevation and NSAIDS were the course of treatment. Tried to avoid the NSAIDS but after 2 weeks, went on Ibuprofen and saw my Chiropractor 2 times a week for about a month. It just wasn't getting better and a trip to my GP was next. After checking my range of motion, he felt it wasn't my hip and offered a stronger NSAID, which I didn't take right away. My activity level decreased along with daily walks. 
By July there was some improvement, although sometimes the pain was as severe as the initial onset so I took 2 weeks worth of the prescription anti inflammatory and wasn't happy about any of it. Could a torn muscle or ligament be involved? The prescription med didn't help and leg/thigh cramps became more of an issue along with my left knee hurting. During this entire time, I increased taking MSM to 1000mg, 3x per day, continued using Arnica, tried hot castor oil packs and used my home ultra sound unit. But I really wasn't sure what was going on and if I should be doing something more or different for treatment. 

All of this was quite enough to deal with and then in August, I broke the third metatarsal in my left foot! Not even sure how it happened. It might have started as a hairline fracture (maybe from my compromised gait) which led to a complete break needing a month in a non weight bearing cast followed by another month in a "rocking boot". Crutches and a knee walker got me around but by now, I was totally miserable. It seems my entire left leg from the groin to my foot was damaged and giving me grief. One thing certainly does lead to another and so it was with my left side. 
Not being able to walk and being in awkward positions when sitting or sleeping aggravated my groin even further. The metatarsal did heal well and I was finally able to be rid of the boot. But the top of my foot was now another pain issue diagnosed as traumatic arthritis. Limping and in pain I was ready to see an orthopedic doctor. If I at least knew what the groin pain was, maybe I could better deal with it. 

My orthopedic visit turned out to be truly disappointing. She said the range of motion in my hip was pretty good so it was hard to determine if the pain was from my hip or something else. Next were x rays of my hips and the left showed just mild narrowing in the joint. So she flippantly said, "The good news is you don't need a hip replacement", and then went on to say getting a steroid shot in my hip could be done 2 times a year. I asked what if it wasn't my hip involved, then what? She said I would still have pain. Thanks, but no thanks. I had researched cortisone shots and knew the damage they could cause such as weakening surrounding ligaments, tissue, etc. I requested PT and she said OK. Interesting how that wasn't recommended first or an MRI to really see what was going on in the area. 
So the beginning of December, in much pain, I hobbled into PT. It was a good move. The therapist treating me had to deal with my foot and groin area separately. Loosening up and getting strength back in my foot required one set of treatments/exercises and addressing my groin pain another. At this point, I was still unable to drive my car. For the next couple months I went 3 times a week, then two, finally once and was discharged the middle of March. My foot was greatly improved, my groin pain seemed to be on the mend and I was driving again. But to my disappointment, it wasn't over.
Within a couple months the groin pain was fierce and frequent again. My research on line led me to believe it could be related to muscles in my buttock area which were really knotted up when I first started PT. By the middle of May, I was back in PT, 2 times per week. Exercises and deep muscle massages were the course of action. It truly seemed to be helping along with my keeping up exercising at home. I had become a little more active with short walks and by the middle of August, I was again discharged. Hoping to see continued improvement, I was optimistic.
But throughout Autumn I was never completely free from pain, especially when overdoing things around the house, and still experienced intense bouts from time to time. By now, I was getting quite discouraged with the pain and restrictions it put on my life. Pain killers and anti inflammatory meds were not something I chose to use so it was time for me to try a TENS unit. In December 2017, I bought a very inexpensive one, was impressed that it helped relieve pain and bought a better one in January 2018 Endurance Therapeutics Aurawave TENS Unit  Also at this time, Pure Encapsulations - Magnesium (Glycinate)4 times per day was added to my supplement regiment. That was a great find in eliminating muscle cramps! The glycinate is a form which doesn't upset the GI tract. Again, it was something I learned on my own and realized the amount of magnesium I was previously taking just wasn't enough for me. At no time did any health care professional I had seen recommend supplements or a TENS unit for relief. So much for traditional medicine! After a couple months I saw something more convenient than a TENS unit to use when out walking, shopping, etc., and in April purchased a Quell Wearable Pain Reliefunit. It approaches relieving pain all over the body by wearing a cuff around just one calf. This was easier, did offer relief and became my "security blanket". But please note that the signals from these devices can interfere with the normal operation of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). It is best to consult with your physician if you have any kind of implants.
But why wasn't I rid of this pain? Was it caused by something that wasn't being addressed? Without (and sometimes with) the TENS or Quell units, I still experienced some awful  periods of pain. So in July I went back to my GP and hoped for an answer. After another exam, he felt it could be a nerve issue and ordered an MRI. Maybe now, I might finally be correctly diagnosed. To my dismay, there was a diagnosis I had not been anticipating. Moderate to severe arthritis of my left hip along with a torn labrum/cartilage, not nerve or muscle damage, was my problem. The GP said it would be up to me how I wanted to proceed because he knew my stand on medications and orthopedic procedures. Feeling very depressed, I pulled out my copy of The Arthritis Cure: The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, And May Even Cure Osteoarthritis by Jason Theodosakis, MD and started reading again what had helped me with my torn meniscus almost 10 years ago. Immediately I upped my dosage of glucosamine and chondroitin, Doctor's Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM But most importantly, the book reminded me of what I had forgotten, ASU. This is a supplement made from avocado and soybean unsaponifiable oils. France has been prescribing it for years to treat osteoarthritis patients. There are some brands of ASU on the market but I prefer to buy the supplement directly from Dr. Theo's website as I had done in the past,
After just two weeks taking ASU once daily, I was starting to notice a difference. There were
no more bouts of the stabbing, burning groin pain even after increased activity. By three weeks, I wasn't using my TENS or Quell units every day and any pain I felt was more of a twinge or discomfort. After a month of taking ASU, I was elated! While I had felt relief before and then been disappointed with a severe bout of pain, it wasn't happening anymore. After 6 weeks, I still take the ASU daily but haven't needed the Quell unit. When I am using the TENS unit it is for lower back and buttock muscle discomfort, not hip/groin pain. No longer afraid to leave the house without either unit, is just short of a miracle for me. I know enough about osteoarthritis to realize it won't ever be cured but can be halted and somewhat reversed by these supplements. Continuing to take them and not ever forgetting the pain which lasted over 2 years, I can only hope the way I now feel will be the norm. 
Doing gentle exercising, short walks and bike rides, resting after being on my feet a couple hours and a good night sleep are all very important in dealing with my osteoarthritis. I never expect to now do what I did decades ago! Instead, being pain free and remaining active in my life is the goal to carry me into future years. 

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