Monday, February 3, 2014


It has been a while since my last post as some art projects and the holidays kept  me very busy.
But now we are in a new year and it is time for me to share more of my health experiences in hopes that the information may be helpful to others.
I decided to start with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. I feel it has truly helped me with my overall well being by keeping the foundation of my body in proper alignment. Most everyone is familiar with and/or may have had chiropractic treatment. But this is a very different form of chiropractic treatment. About 7 years ago I was listening to my favorite radio station out of NYC, WOR710. At that time, it was a wealth of health information with various radio hosts, but has since changed the format and offers less from the hosts that were important sources of knowledge for me. But luckily, on a particular morning, the female host was talking about a chiropractor she had been going to for over a year and how much he had helped her. It wasn't an ad and she didn't mention any names. Instead she enthusiastically told about Atlas Chiropractic and highly recommended it. 
That was good enough for me to start a search for this type of treatment in the area where I live and happy to find one 30 minutes from my house. Up to this point in my life, I had never been to a chiropractor and my only experience with one was taking my daughter, at the age of 13, for neck pain problems. Neither she nor I were happy with the results and the often times painful treatments. I had been dealing with my own lower back issues through the years along with hip, and other joint problems. Seeking out this new technique was right in line with my transformation into alternative medicine.
Quoting from a brochure, "Atlas Orthogonal is a chiropractic technique, based on the vertical relationship of the body, where the head is centered over the pelvis and feet. This positioning is established to support the body from the stresses of gravity. The atlas orthogonal chiropractor studies the alignment of the atlas, the top vertebrae of the spine. The first cervical vertebra is the foundation of the spine, supporting the head, the equivalent in weight to that of a bowling ball. If the atlas foundation becomes unleveled, the head shifts away from its vertical position, and in turn moves the lower spine away from vertical, as well. When this misalignment, defined as a subluxation, occurs, a light force instrument is utilized to correct the condition. This restores the vertical balance to the body. A secondary effect of a subluxated spine is interference with the nervous system." I will skip to this last piece of important information, "Complex musculoskeletal conditions (back pain, stiff neck, etc.) may occur, as well as obstructed neurological function, which can potentially affect every system in the body. Re-establishing the vertical balance of the spine and skeletal framework, is a major component to your health." I wish I could give access to the entire brochure which was written and produced by Evan Greller, D.C. But hopefully from the segments I provided, it is made clear how a spine out of alignment, can negatively affect so much in our bodies.
This is what had been going on with me. My first visit included a few x-rays of the atlas vertebrae to determine its position, which of course, was off. I received a treatment with the light force instrument (a device that involves no discomfort and is done in seconds) and some massage to tight muscles resulting from my misalignment. I went every two weeks for a while because at that time, I was still experiencing a torn meniscus of my right knee which developed a few months after I fractured the big toe on my right foot. It was all starting to make sense to me. The fracture on my big toe temporarily changed the way I walked and my alignment. It became a perfect set up for damaging another part of my body, my right knee.
During the months that followed, the treatments always included a correction for my alignment and various other treatments to gently stimulate blood flow and healing to areas experiencing inflammation, muscle spasms, etc. As time passed during the first year, I noticed my body responding to the corrections and treatments. Even if I occasionally over did it physically and felt my back hurting, arnica and a good night sleep would find me fine in the morning! This is the way it should be, not like in the past, back and muscle pain lasting a week or more. My visits changed to once a month unless I had an issue which needed more intense treatment. But now, more than six years later, I visit the chiropractor every six weeks for maintenance. I truly feel so much better than I did decades ago and as the saying goes, "I'm not getting any younger"! My 67th birthday was last week and I am very grateful to Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic for the pain free, active life I lead. My children and their children also receive treatments from the same chiropractor and are equally pleased with the results.  

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I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one. These are just my experiences and conclusions.
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