Monday, March 31, 2014


This is the perfect time for me to write about treating a cold as I have been doing just that for the last 5 days. I do wonder about the mind body connection, superstition, coincidence or whatever else this might be called. I'm referencing to last Monday and thinking to myself that I hadn't had a cold for about 2 years. The very next day, symptoms slowly came on me during the day and by night time I knew a cold had taken hold in my body! Oh well, the only good thing about it happening was that it put me into action with all the natural remedies I had used in the past to see if the duration and severity of the symptoms could be lessened.
I kept up my doses of lysine, 2-500mg (anti viral) caps every 3 to 4 hours and started drinking peppermint tea with honey and lemon trying to keep my nasal passages open. I felt pretty awful on Wednesday with lots of congestion, runny nose, scratchy throat, very tired, some aches and pains (arnica was used for aches and pains). Luckily, I had made a big pot of chicken soup on Sunday which really is good when you are sick and also started taking Nature's Way Sambucus Black Elderberry (anti viral and immune boosting) with my regiment. This got me through to Thursday when I seemed surprisingly better and did much more around the house than I probably should have because by night time, the symptoms were worse. At this point, the nasal drip was causing me to have terrible coughing episodes and I reluctantly went to the only over the counter medicine in my cabinet, " Children's Cold & Allergy Dimetapp." Using as small a dose as possible, 2 - 3 teaspoons, did let me sleep through the night without coughing. Using homeopathic, Hyland's Cold 'n Cough 4 Kids was an alternative on Friday. But it just didn't keep my nasal passages clear the way Dimetapp did. Feeling better, it was used only when really needed and much of the time, Ricola throat drops helped with the cough. Overall though, I was feeling much better. Keeping up my daily routine, I rested only when really necessary, but was also careful not to overdo things.
The weekend came and my symptoms were quickly diminishing. I had forgotten the zinc (helps shorten the duration of a cold) in my cabinet and started taking that. Because it was rainy and cold all weekend, staying inside was the best choice. I hadn't taken any more Dimetapp since Friday and slept fine both Saturday and Sunday nights. There is one more thing I took during the last four mornings, Nutribiotic Gse (Grapefruit Seed Extract). It was purchased to use as a natural germicide in the house. When mixed with water  it is  effective against viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi but can also be taken internally. There are numerous natural remedies, many of which I haven't tried. Someone I know swears by a glass of hot water with lots of fresh lemon juice and a clove of garlic.
When I woke up this morning, I felt as if all my symptoms are gone and have had no problems breathing. Starting with symptoms on a Tuesday and feeling fine by the following Monday, is pretty good in my book! It is great to know that our bodies can recover from colds and flu with natural and immune boosting remedies.

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I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one. These are just my experiences and conclusions.
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