Sunday, December 21, 2014


This is my first post since September. Its not that I haven't had anything to write about, my energies just went in other directions. But I couldn't close out this year without saying a few, hopefully helpful, words. 
Grapefruit seed extract was discussed in a previous post as a possible new way for me to "ward off" an out break of shingles. I had been experiencing for many years the form of shingles with no rash and believe me, it does exist. Please check my post on the subject. Well, it has been a dose of 15 drops in a 1/4 cup of water, once daily for many months now and I am very happy to report again, not one incident of shingles even trying to occur! I still take a 500 mg cap of l-lysine every day but am quite convinced it is the grapefruit seed extract that is doing the job. 
This has done so much for my well being. Anyone experiencing shingles, with or without the rash, knows it can make you feel awful before, during and after an episode. It was particularly scary to me when my head, face and eyes were the painful path the virus had started to take in my body. The information I have read on grapefruit seed extract says it kills numerous bacteria and viruses. So I am wondering, without a way to really know, if it possibly killed the herpes/shingles virus in my system (even though it is supposed to remain in your body forever). Maybe in 2015, I will make a brave attempt to find out by discontinuing the extract for a couple days or week and see what happens. But right now, I am too happy not dealing with that awful virus and its debilitating effects!
The next thing worth noting is the B vitamin biotin Country Life - Biotin, 1000 mcg and its effect on gray hair. Now reversing my gray is something I did not set out to do but have been quite amazed with my findings after taking this supplement for about a year now. My hair started to gray while I was in my 20's and by my 40's it was about 1/2 of my hair growth. Not quite ready to go gray, the use of semi-permanent hair color was my choice. In my 50's I was happy to find products produced more naturally by a few companies and the one I have been using for a long time is Herbatint Hair Color . In my 60's so much of my hair was gray/white that my decision was to go lighter and lighter with the hair coloring product so new growth blended in better. Then, about 2 months ago, I noticed new hair coming in dark! As my hair grows it is even more noticeable. The only thing I could attribute this to was my taking biotin for over a year. My initial reason for its use was to keep my hair healthy and from thinning. When I noticed the dark growth and researched it a little more, I found biotin is noted to keep hair from graying. Initially, I was taking just 1mg (1000mcg) per day but during the last month started taking 1 mg 2x per day. It is important to not take too much and avoid adverse effects. I will post again on this subject after a few more months go by.
So often, conditions we experience in our bodies are linked to genetics and stress. While I won't negate those factors as causes, I really believe many of our physical disorders result from the lack of specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. I have shared 2 products being taken for different reasons and now have surprisingly found they help with something else! As you can see a long length of time led to the positive results. We need to be patient with our bodies healing, repairing and maintaining good health. 
I will be posting again in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday filled with joy and good health.

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I am not a doctor and do not claim to be one. These are just my experiences and conclusions.

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