Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Happy, healthy New Year to everyone! 

Once again I am pleased to share my natural health experiences in hopes that others may benefit.

A few time previously, shingles has been a topic of mine. The episodes which had plagued me are the kind without a rash, affecting my head and face with pain. This type of shingles is called, zoster sin herpete which I have written about it in past blogs. Lysine was my go to natural treatment for the longest time. While it could shorten the duration and symptoms of an attack, it really didn't prevent them as much as I wanted and needed. 
In March of 2014, I was dealing with a cold and added Grapefruit Seed Extract to my treatments. Continuing to use it even after my cold was gone, I noticed no new shingles attacks breaking through. My post in July confirmed that my continued use of GSE had prevented any new shingles attacks from breaking through and I remained on the regimen for the rest of 2014 and all of 2015.
Now I am very excited and happy to say, after using the extract during 2015, it kept me totally free of any shingles episodes for the entire year! This is no coincidence and nothing short of a miracle. For the first time in a couple decades I have not had to deal with the pain, fatigue and flu like symptoms. My fear of what attacks could do to my eyes and vision, has also been alleviated.
The dosage I use is 15 drops in a small amount of water after breakfast. I used to take a probiotic with breakfast but changed it to later in the day. Because along with attacking harmful bacteria in your gut, when used on a daily basis, the GSE might affect the good bacteria as well. Not taking the two together, helps insure the effectiveness of a probiotic not being cancelled out. If I have been exposed to someone sick or large crowds, I sometimes take another dose of GSE at night time. And I will add that along with not experiencing a shingles attack for well over a year, I haven't gotten sick either!
You can see information on line of the many uses for GSE as an anti viral and anti bacterial. The brand I use is Nutribiotic Gse  Liquid Concentrate.
Maybe some time I will try not taking it for several days and see if a shingles attack breaks through. But for now, not dealing with the debilitating symptoms has been such a wonderful gift that I am grateful for each day!

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