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In a previous post, I have discussed my ongoing battle with allergies. They have been a part of my life since I was a child. It is not just seasonal but all year long that allergens affect my days. Dust is highest on the list, then mold, animal dander and a myriad of trees and plant pollen. There is really no escaping dust in our house even without carpets and blinds and I don't choose to spend so much of my time constantly cleaning and dusting. Summer and winter are the most difficult seasons to cope with because the house is closed up most of the time. 
A first round of allergy shots began when I was a teenager and they truly helped. But in my 20's, raising a family took time away from continuing the shots. By my mid 30's, breathing became increasingly difficult with constant nasal congestion and even some wheezing. This prompted a second round of shots which continued into my early 40's. Starting a holistic path to good health at this point, I again decided to stop the shots. Using supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies for allergy symptoms was sufficient for quite a while. Then, entering my late 50's, some of the symptoms shifted in their severity. So many nights I would wake being completely congested and have to sit up to sleep. But it was my eyes that really started to concern me. Dealing with itchy eyes was nothing new for me and that used to be more of a seasonal problem, especially late summer when ragweed was out. Instead I was now dealing with blurry, tearing, "goopy", irritated eyes that made it difficult much of the time to do close up work, read, etc. I was also concerned how that might affect my inter ocular eye pressure and eye exams for glaucoma (a post on glaucoma will soon follow). My research shows that allergies do in fact raise the pressure as well as antihistamines.

In April of 2015, I decided it was once again time to start allergy shots. The testing showed I was still allergic to all the same offenders with dust at the top of the list. So weekly trips to the allergist began and with one shot in each arm. Dust needed to be separate and to this day still gives me reactions after the shot. But the benefits have been truly dramatic. By last summer, only a matter of months into the treatment, I wasn't waking during the night because of congestion and the improvement of my allergy eye symptoms was amazing! I no longer had to constantly use homeopathic or natural eye drops. Before, an outing couldn't be made without them. My vision no longer was "impaired" so much of the time and my eye exam was proof of this.
Another added bonus from the shots is the absence of nose bleeds. During the past 18 months, they have stopped. Previous to this I would have one or more every week, some of them pretty severe. Most likely, the shots having diminished so many of my symptoms and relieved the irritation in my nasal passages and sinuses. I am so pleased and grateful.
Occasionally, I may experience some symptoms such as sneezing or minor congestion and need something for relief. Hyland's Natural Seasonal Allergy Relief Tablets is my go to in such situations. One product that is also part of my supplement routine is Ortho Molecular Product Natural D-Hist. My youngest daughter introduced me to it this year. She also has pretty severe allergies and right now, no time to see an allergist. A naturopathic doctor recommended this product and within a month, her symptoms of congestion, runny nose, wheezing, etc. have greatly diminished. The vitamins and herbs in D-Hist are a good blend for aiding the body in relieving allergy symptoms

When all is said and done, I don't foresee myself ever stopping this current round of allergy shots. For me, the relief they offer outweighs any inconvenience and without any side effects.

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